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DISC electrostatic coating system


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DISC electrostatic coating system-1
DISC electrostatic coating system-2
disc human interface controller
DISC controller
DISC human interface controller
DISC controller


Taiwell DISC electrostatic coating system Features:

1.DISC automatic electrostatic coating system with pneumatic high-speed turbines, high-speed rotating centrifugal atomization, so that paint spray particles is small, with static electricity strong, to achieve savings of paint and high-quality painting effects.
2. Built in 100kV high voltage static electricity generator and anti-static high-strength outer shell, to achieve high static, low current, to ensure safety and high efficiency coating operations.
3. Microcomputer control of reciprocator, the use of all-digital stroke, the speed control, can be multi-stage and multi-speed , and the optional memory function.
4. 100% Made in Taiwan, quality and excellent performance, suitable for metal, plastic, wood and other parts coating operations.



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