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  •Liquid and powder electrostatic coating
  •Whole-plane coating equipment
  Powder coating equipment
  •Electrostatic powder spray gun
  •Powder disc coating systems
  •Powder tribomatic gun
  •Powder recovery booth
  Liquid coating equipment
  •Electrostatic liquid spray gun
  •Automatic liquid coating system
  •DISC electrostatic coating system
  •BELL electrostatic coating system
  •Multi axis precision painting machine
  •Hight pressure paints pump and spray gun
  Coating equipment
  •UV oven , IR oven
  •Gas oven, Electric oven
  •Flat conveyor, hang-over conveyor
  •Paints stripping oven
  •Pretreatment equipment
  •Pumpless paint booth
  •Clean room setup
  •Electrostatic powder spray gun repair





 Taiwell automation corporation a professional automatic coating equipment manufacturers, our products are liquid and powder coating equipment, liquid and powder electrostatic spray gun, BELL, DISC coating machine, paints stripping oven, UV curing oven, IR oven, hot air drying oven, (MDF) wood powder coating equipment, powder coating booth, conveyor equipment, automatic painting machine, high-pressure pump and spray gun.

 Coating equipment suit for normal powder, metal powder, transparent powder, friction powder, Teflon powder, fluorocarbon powder,low temperature curing powder and metallic paint, transparent paint, electrostatic paint, wood paint, UV paint, PU paint, EPOXY paint, TEFLON paint, water-based liquid paint and other coatings application.

 Products are widely used in household electrical appliances, 3C electronic computer products, plastic material, hardware, hand tools, wood products, Automotive accessories, sports accessories, furniture, construction materials coating production line.

 We have always maintained a professional, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit of good faith to provide clients with high efficiency coating equipment, reasonable price and high quality service to meet customer needs,creating a win-win.


Taiwell Automation Corporation
No.38, Fu-An 2 Street, Xitun Dist, Taichung, Taiwan.
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